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Thread: Someone trying to use my account

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    Default Someone trying to use my account

    Hi all- I just received an email stating that someone else was trying to log-in using my user name. This person tried five times so was blocked out for fifteen minutes. I changed my password but I didn't know if I'm supposed to do anything else. To be honest, it's odd someone is trying to use my user name so I'm wondering if it is just a misunderstanding. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi KBoysen,

    I received the same message and tracked the IP address - it seems to be originating from China but is most likely what is known as a 'bot' which is essentially a computer trying different combinations of credentials to gain access - it would have been trying everyone's across many different forums. Usually attributed to hacking groups to put fear into people. Best bet is to change password (as you have done) and forget about it

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    Default happened to me, too

    I haven't posted here in several years (although I've lurked often), but it happened to me, too. I made a new account (the original one is ohheckyes), because I was concerned about using the old one. If by chance the hack bot does manage to get into my account, then you'll know ohheckyes isn't me.

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