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Thread: IPL or laser

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    Default IPL or laser

    This is my first post... I am 58 years old, male, been under a lot of stress through business and 2 x sons who have caused me and my wife a LOT of worry and stress (and continue to do so) ... I have suffered from rosacea for about 5 years (maybe longer)... I have been on the usual doctor prescribed medication for a few years now... NOTHING seems to work.
    As with most sufferers; depression affects me... I dont like looking in a mirror... keep thinking people are staring at my horrible skin...
    I have been thinking about paying for I.P.L. ... it is expensive, but if it works? ... it will be worth it..
    I have also just discovered a youtube video where a gentleman by the name of Brady Barrows advocates NO sugar... this I will definately try..
    shaving in the morning is a must... a torture, but a must... otherwise my skin looks even worse... I have thought about laser hair removal.. does that actually work for men??

    any thoughts on IPL ??

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    Lots of info here re IPL Magic231. Just search "IPL" and you'll get loads of info.
    I know what you mean about mirrors lol. I usually get ready in the morning in natural light only. I look more normal this way! The games we must play with ourselves to 'trick" us into thinking it's not so bad.

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    Default Ipl

    Hello Magic -

    I am very sorry to hear that you are suffering. I am 49 and a 16 year veteran of rosacea. Last year I did my first ever round of IPL by a plastic surgeon who has been dealing with rosacea for over 20 years. An expert in the field. My results were disasterous. It definitely took away the burning, which at the time was intolerable, BUT the texture of my skin, I fear will never be the same. I am positive that I have damage to my epidermis in the way of enlarged pores, fine lines and dints. My advice to you is try EVERYTHING else you can before trying IPL. Diet is huge. Right now I am basically trying to eat only vegetables and chicken or salmon and that is it. No sugar, dairy, carbs, caffeine, etc. etc. Try to find time, even 30 minutes to meditate and calm yourself by deep breathing, etc. I too believe my raging rosacea last year was the result of tremendous stress brought on by a number of factors.

    I am sorry for being a downer with respect to IPL but I just want you to do A LOT of research before jumping in. Read as much as you can. If you decide to go ahead, make sure the settings are low and you do a test patch, at the very least.

    All my very best to you.

    Kind regards.


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