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Thread: Concaler for Papulopustular Rosacea and ideas for helaing creams?

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    Default Concaler for Papulopustular Rosacea and ideas for helaing creams?

    Hello everyone:-)

    I need advice on non irritating concealer for papular rosacea.
    I have it on my cheeks one more more then on another. I have rosacea for 8 years now. I have tried a lot of creams, sometimes I discover some miracle cream that heals me for few months then my skin gets enough of it and I have to search for new one. I did not used antibiotic or steroids only long ago for short time (2 weeks) metro gel (and clindamicine but it made my skin flaky so I gave up). I have used various organic and pharmacy creams - Avene, Alverde, La Rosh Possay, La Roc, Botega Verde, Logona, Vichy, Multiactive, Regenique (some creams produced locally in my country).
    I have find out that my face is calm if cream contains pantenole, vaseline, aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, hamamelis. Of oils I react good on hemp and grape seed oils but even they are oil they make my skin dry.
    Currently I do not have much ideas I use Avene cold cream when it is to windy and it keeps my skin clam. And Dr. Hauschka rose cream (tonik and cleansing milk and cream) I do not react good on quince day cream it is irritating.

    I use Vichy cream foundation idealia (in my country area taint pure is not available any more). I mix shades 25 and 45 to get good one.
    I am allergic on most of others concealers like Loreal, Mabyelline and Max Factor. Vichy is only one that doesn't cause reaction.

    But I would like to find some stick or liquid concealer which covers weary good in medium skin tone. I do not like to put foundation on whole face I would like to find one to put only on red spots
    and one that is gentle.

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    I have read somewhere on this site that Laura Mercier's products are good for rosacea sufferers, as she has rosacea too. If you try them, pls, give us a feedback.

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    This article recommends mineral make up

    Have you been prescribed 15% azelaic acid gel (Finacea)? Here in the UK it is considered a first line treatment for papulopustular roasacea.

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