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Thread: My red light diary

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    HG24 in response to you saying that you can't use a computer because of the sensitivity, have you tried a screen filter? I have one for work because the normal screen light is far too bright for me. Perhaps you have already tried one but I just thought of what I use and how it may help.

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    Hi, Charlie74, Yes, I have screen filters on my desktop, laptop and my cell phone. Usually they are the 3M brand. They definitely help to some extent, but unfortunately not enough. Do computers and fluorescent lights affect your rosacea? Or do you mean that the computer is too bright for your eyes? Thanks so much for taking the time to offer a suggestion!

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    Hi David ...not sure you still go on this forum or not. I'm fairly new to this forum and I have a few led devices...handheld but they seem very eh! Nothing to special. But when I used omnilux at a salon a while ago I was better the next day more white. What makes your LED lights different are you using standard 633nm? Thanks

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