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Thread: Cure lymes disease to develop rosacea

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    I am a 67 year old man and never had any symptoms of rosacea. I am not fair, do not drink alcohol, except for an occasional sip I do not spend my time in excessive heat or cold.

    I was bitten by a deer tick last September. I developed the halo rash after the bite and was prescribed doxycycline for about 6 weeks to arrest the lymes disease. By approximately the fourth week I started to get a cheeky redness and a slight burning. That progressed to incorporate my nose. I went to see my physician and was advised that I had contracted rosacea. I went to a dermatologist for verification. Well, I was prescribed metronidazole. Within 6 weeks the redness and burning resolved completely. This past early October face began to burn and redness resumed on the cheeks, nose and now the chin. I am on a cream (Skinception) after I got no response from the metronidazole. The cream has definitely improved the situation. Along with that I began eating gluten free foods, no alcohol and tried to stay out of the sun{I place Zinc cream for sun protection on my face after the cream dried daily). Well I am still having episodes but not as severe as before the cream, but some days are better than others.

    My question is the relationship of the altering effects of the doxycycline and the development of Rosacea. It can alter the flora on the face and allow mites to proliferate. Is my assumption correct or is it just coincidence. I think it is not coincidence. Has anyone else had a similar incident.

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    Hi smithtown,

    A 6 weeks course of antibiotic can wreak havoc with your gut flora (candida overgrowth for instance) and cause rosacea symptoms. My advice would be to get yourself a good probiotic and supress sugar. That could really help you.

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