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    Default Ivermectin Q&A

    Hi everyone,

    I've browsed the site for a while and have tried many treatments. I have what appears to be pustular rosacea which has wreaked havoc on my face for the last three years. Tried a lot but now I'm trying ivermectin in the hopes of demodex mites being my issue.

    After looking around I have seen varying accounts of people trying it and having success but not much detail on the specifics of its use. As in:

    How/when are you applying it?
    How much?
    What strength and brand name are you using?
    What other topicals/treatments are you using and how do you correlate with the ivermectin?
    Did you find immediate success with it? If not, how long until there was positive results?
    Kind of related to the last question: Was there a worsening before it got better?
    Anything else you could think of...?

    I ask because I feel like from what I have seen, this is one of the more exciting treatments right now that has (from what I can tell) proven results for demodex-induced rosacea. It would be nice to get a routine with results for anyone trying this ivermectin route.

    And as I have just started this course (I started only yesterday) I will update with my own course if I find success. Or (hopefully not) update on its lack of effect.

    Thanks guys!

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    Ok so like I said, I started Ivermectin topically. Unfortunately all I could get quickly was 1.87% Ivermectin paste

    It is meant to be taken orally by horses, and is apple flavored, but I am hoping it will still function used topically. So far, no real results. This is my third day. Not better, perhaps a little worse. There is a bit more burning and stinging with it on then normal but nothing extreme. This may be an irritation from the apple flavoring or something. Unfortunately, this brand does not really seem to share the ingredients of the paste so its hard to know what else is in it. It claims the only ingredient is Ivermectin 1.87% and yet I am pretty sure it isn't naturally apple flavored

    What I have been doing is:
    -Washing face at night with a Cetaphil Skin Cleansing Bar.
    -Let skin air dry
    -Apply maybe 2-3 pea sized dabs of the Ivermectin paste to my face. Let it stay on overnight.
    -In the morning wash off with Cetaphil bar, moisturize with Cerave Moisturizer.

    Today I took a bath with a number of things that may or may not work against demodex (borax, hydrogen peroxide, epsom salts) so that I can get more coverage on my scalp and the rest of my body as well. Hard to get the ivermectin on the scalp but I bet its important to treat as well. So hopefully this will be a good workaround.

    In addition I have started taking doxycycline 100mg twice daily and have seen little in results from that as well. In the essence of research I shouldn't be using two variables in an experiment, but in the essence of a cure I get kind of desperate. If positive results come I will probably ween off one first to see if the symptoms return.

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    Wasn't expecting this to become my personal treatment update thread, but since no one is responding...

    I am seeing results. Less redness. Less pustules/papules. Overall evening of skin texture. Of course, this could just be the effect of Doxycycline. Still it is nice to see for the first time in 3 years.

    In addition to the previous bath mentioned, I have mixed in sulfur baths. Good thing I am not going out much right now because I smell terrible

    Once my course of Doxy runs out I guess I will know which was helping the most. Because I won't be able to fill it again ($150 uninsured :/ )

    Still looking for anyone else who has used Ivermectin successfuly to post. But I guess if it was successful you are probably out enjoying life, haha.

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    You might look at posts by Rory -- he was trying this I think.

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    Hi Flurb. I have used the injectable form of Ivermectin topically. Im not the best person to comment on Ivermectin because unlike you I have Rosacea (localised to the perioral area) and Seborrheic Dermatitis. My face is pretty sensitive and this form of Ivermectin irritated the hell out of it. I tried mixing it with different creams, which reduced the irritation somewhat but I still had problems and I just quit. If you are seeing results after a few days then from what I have read this is a good sign. Im not sure the antibiotics would work that fast. Looking at the most recent study of topical Ivermectin it can take many weeks to see a marked improvement and months for a significant one. My skin couldnt tolerate the stuff that long so I look forward to Galderma's topical formulation. Here is the study.


    Few therapeutic alternatives currently exist in the treatment of papulopustular rosacea (PPR).

    Demonstrate superiority of once-daily ivermectin 1% cream (IVM 1%) vs. twice-daily metronidazole 0.75% cream regarding percent reduction of inflammatory lesions in subjects with moderate to severe PPR.

    In this Phase 3, investigator-blinded, randomized, parallel group study, subjects received IVM 1% once daily, or metronidazole 0.75% twice daily over 16 weeks. Efficacy assessments were inflammatory lesion counts and Investigator's Global Assessment (IGA). Safety assessments included incidence of adverse events (AEs) and local tolerance parameters. Subjects evaluated their disease following a 5-grade scale and completed questionnaires.

    A total of 962 subjects were randomized to receive IVM 1% (n=478) or metronidazole 0.75% (n=484). At week 16, IVM 1% was significantly superior to metronidazole 0.75% in terms of reduction from baseline in inflammatory lesions (83.0% vs. 73.7%; p<.001), observed as early as week 3 (last observation carried forward - LOCF). IGA results (subjects "clear" or "almost clear") also favoured IVM 1%: 84.9% vs. 75.4%, respectively (p<.001). Incidence of AEs was comparable between groups and local tolerability was better for IVM 1%. More subjects receiving ivermectin rated their global improvement as "excellent" or "good."

    Ivermectin 1% cream was significantly superior to metronidazole 0.75% cream and achieved high patient satisfaction. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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    Interesting article Rory. Sorry to hear Ivermectin didn't work for you. I have seb derm as well actually. Fortunately, Ciclopirox keeps my seb derm at bay more or less.

    At times during this whole outbreak with my skin it was mostly unable to tolerate anything. I hated putting anything at all on my face less it burned for the next 2 days. It's calmed a bit now, but Ivermectin did cause some minor burning sensations. I could definitely feel it. But that subsided after a few days. The thing that is helping me is that I work from home so I can experiment with things and not worry as much if they make it look worse for a bit.

    I hope you are right about it being the Ivermectin. I think clearing Demodex (if that is in fact the problem) will be more like a cure as opposed to the antibiotics which probably just help with symptoms.

    Will update more and as things progress.

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