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Thread: Food ingredients to avoid ?

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    Cool Food ingredients to avoid ?

    Good afternoon guys and thank you for reading my topic.

    I have seb derm for more than 15 years now, im 30 now. I have been improving lightly with some habit changes especially in foods, especially cutting off sugar and dairy products and since i started reading labels. I would like to ask to all of to the most wise in the subject here in the forum, what are the main ingredients, when we're readin a label that we shoud immediately avoid if we have seborreic dermatitis ?

    (pretty sure whey is one)

    All opinions are very welcomed !



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    Stay away from all soy... except for the fermented products miso, natto and soy sauce.
    Soy and tofu is a endocrine system disrupt or... it will put your thyroid flat on its back and make you fat and tired. It will also give you "skin tags" because most of it is made with an acid process in aluminum vats.

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