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My subtype 1 is on the right side of my face and the tip if my nose (I'm worried about it progressing to the left side as my right side has got progressively worse lately.

I'm finding that for the majority of the day my right side is warm and uncomfortable which gets worse with triggers that cause a flush.

To those who have managed to get their's under control does this warm uncomfortable feeling subside as well as the flushes/burning?

On a nice cool day outdoors it subsides but indoors it's constantly there and is getting me down.

I'm getting an apt with a derm next week and I'm trying to alter my diet too. Rosacea, for the first time in years, is becoming all consuming for me and I wonder if I'm making it worse by the constant anxiety.


Hey DS77, did you constant facial warmth ever improve? I have had a similar symptom, likely steroid-induced.