Hi there! I'm from the Philippines. I also have seb derm for several years which started during late college years (due to environmental factors as my dermatologist said). Need help and your opinions. After reading auburn's raw honey treatment, I decided to give it a try and drop any other treatment I'm using as most of it contains chemicals prescribed by dermatologists. I've been to many dermatologists. My scalp condition before was awful, red flaky bumps (as if it looks like a wound) plus dandruff. I thought it was simple dandruff at first but was later on diagnosed by Seb derm upon check-up with several dermatologists when the simple dandruff worsen. For my hair, I tried their prescriptions such as nizoral, ta scalp solution, and I forgot the other one. It seemed to work but not permanent, goes up and down. After trying so many stuffs and procedures, I decided to try regular anti-dandruff shampoos for a week as I recalled, palmolive, clear, then tried head and shoulders blue in sachet (cool menthol) for my scalp and it has been effective for me, cleared my scalp of Seb Derm, saved me from costly medications and costly anti dandruff products. I also tried other variants when cool menthol was out of stock but it's not effective like the cool menthol variant. Cool menthol in bottle was not that effective also, maybe its the concentration of ingredients? Just my thinking. So i stick with cool menthol in sachets. Wash may hair everyday. I also maintain my hair short (clean cut) because dandruff comes back whenever I grow my hair long. Maybe the scalp can't breath properly if there is too thick and long hair. Just my experience though. I'm a man by the way.

So much with the scalp as I need the honey treatment on my face. I've been using hydrocortisone cream on my face for around 4 years. Started at the back of my ears, T zone but SD reached my inner cheek mustache and goatee part. Until now, I'm applying hydrocortisone cream as maintenance (twice to thrice a week at night before sleeping on the affected areas). It's been effective and able to suppress Seb Derm so far until now but I'm afraid of the side effects if used longer. I've read a post before of a man 29 yrs old used topical steriod continuously, at first it doesn't show any side effect but he noticed it as he ages. When he's 42, the skin which he applied topical steriod for several years grew old faster (fine lines, thinning, wrinkled a bit). He said he looked older than his actual age now. Then I decided to stop using hydrocortisone as maintenance starting this period due to the dangers of prolonged used even with go signal as maintenance from my dermatologist. Im 26 now. I already bought raw honey from a local bee farm.

Here are my questions.

1.) Should I drop any other face skin care products I'm using right now once I started the honey cleansing & face mask treatment and then resume at once when my Seb derm cleared?
My current daily regimen : Oxygen botanicals foaming gel cleanser b in the morning and cleansing milk face wash at night before sleeping. (this regimen is to keep me from pimples and acne as I suffered from mild to moderate pimple/acne before)

2.) Is it ok to skip honey treatment on my scalp as I would like to stick with head & shoulders (cool menthol) shampoo since it had cleared my scalp of Seb derm and my skin is used to it?

3.) Is it ok to skip the coconut oil since my face is oily (genetic). I also don't use cream based moisturizer for my face since it will result to breakouts (pimples) due to too much oil , natural face oil plus oil from moisturizer, resulting to clogged pores. Been there done that. I think coconut oil will cause breakouts too.

P.S. By the way, my Seb Derm doesn't itch. Just red on some parts, red-flaky-scaly prominent on two sides of the nose whenever I skip the hydrocortisone maintenance.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and opinions! Have a good day!