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Thread: I've been treating my DS for 4 weeks with honey with limited success. Thoughts?

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    Default I've been treating my DS for 4 weeks with honey with limited success. Thoughts?


    I've been online all over the last month trying to figure out why my SD suddenly got worse after my husband and I moved from Kansas to Florida. I have always been able to manage the symptoms (mine presented at about 12 with flaky, itchy scalp) with over the counter shampoo and conditioners like Head and Shoulders.

    I have been doing as described here with mixed success.

    It is fine for the first 24 hours and there is relief from the itching and the flakes. the second twenty four hours of the "every other day" is itchy and slightly flaky. The itching makes it difficult to sleep sometimes.

    The only thing I can think of is the first article I read (which I can't find to link to) didn't say anything about the kind of water to use, so for a couple of the weeks I used tap water. I have started using distilled water in my honey solution. I was expecting to enter the once a week phase of the treatment bit I am afraid to let it go for that long. Also, I have a hard time not applying too much coconut oil in my scalp, since I can't see how much I am putting on there. Should I attempt to apply coconut oil to my scalp, too? even at the risk of applying too much?

    The washing with honey and coconut oil has helped with the patches on my eyebrow and nose, however, so I can see that it SHOULD be working on my scalp it just isn't working as well.

    Has anyone else had to do the every-other-day treatments for longer than the 4 weeks? I am feeling a bit discouraged, since the process takes so long to do I was really looking forward to going down to once a week. I can see that won't be possible at this point.

    Has anyone tried herbal anti-fungal supplements as a support to the honey treatment?

    any other thoughts?

    Any advise is welcome. Thank you

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    Wink Same boat

    Hello Sleepy Andy,

    Im also two weeks into the honey treatment. From what Iīve read around here the coconut oil seems like a tricky product for the SD skin and am not using it between the masks. I have a hard time finding something moisturising that doesnīt provoke itchiness but have had a lot of success before with a series of zinc based products from Ducray. Well the honey soothes the skin at least, making it calm down. Itchiness in my scalp but i donīt apply anything there but the honey.

    The areas that was affected before have somewhat calmed down but new patches have shown up, on outer cheeks and down on the neck a bit. I am still quite hopeful. The success rate in the long term seems good. Am on a vessel at the moment, for at least five more weeks, and the crew are used to me running around with honey all over my face, even if the captain once told me to go wash it of, thinking it was sweat! By the way, the fact that I for once have to face my condition towards the people around me, with no place to hide, have probably meant enormously lot for my well being (even if itching and tactics and worries still takes up a lot of my time i have at least let one problem out of the cage).. 10 yrs of hiding!

    I use manuka honey, umf 10.

    The idea about what set the SD off after the move to Florida is very interesting. I have experienced similar things. Maybe the stress around moving is the cause? Maybe the air humidity is different (on the ship the ac is making the air very dry, i guess this makes the skin in return dry?). Maybe there is a different ph value in the water, making your skin react, or a more stressful consistency of minerals?

    I imagine myself one day finding a spot on this planet where the sd simply fades away. What the circumstances must be i am not yet sure but i guess it will be in some place warm. Well, that spot is where i will have my base.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your progress, good or bad!

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    The honey treatment does not work for everybody that much should be clear by now. SD is idiopathic, which means that there are numerous causes that correlate with specific treatments. Seems that your SD (same as mine) does not react to the raw honey treatment, after awhile you just have to move on to the next available treatment.

    As far as your movement from Kansas to Florida is concerned, this is yet another boggling thing about SD, since many claim that moving to a hotter environment leads to positive things. Seems strange because yeast normally thrives in warm and moist conditions which would explain why your SD got worse.

    Keeping up with the theme that SD is a multifaceted problem, you should probably just use raw honey for an extended period of time to see the effects and then try to add the oil so you can observe the difference. Most importantly do not forget to gently rub the lesions while applying the honey, since this is something Auburn does not specifically mention in her thread. I used bottled water and chestnut honey btw.

    Haven't gotten so far as to actually use herbal anti-fungal supplements, but I try to bombard my body with as much healthy food as possible in order to give cells enough energy to do their thing, but more importantly to maintain a balance between all the omega acids, since this is another potential cause of SD.

    good luck.

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