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Thread: Cerave lotion or cerave moisteriser?

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    Default Cerave lotion or cerave moisteriser?

    Could anyone give me any reveiws on what would be best to use? I have normal to slightly dry skin yet it is very thin...and the majority of my redness is on my nose and inner cheek area...the lower area of my cheek gets rashes at feel I need something to protect my skin and build up its natural barrier...any one had good experiences with these? If so which one would you suggest? X x x

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    Default cerave cream

    I've been using Cerave Cream for 3 1/2 years. After my 3rd yag laser treatment, I couldn't get my cheeks to calm down. Cerave cream is very gentle and it really goes on nice and smooth. My skin feels really soft. It gets absorbed
    quickly. I use Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser and then apply the Cerave cream. This combo works good for me. I love Cerave cream. I have type 1 rosacea, and very sensitive skin, especially to heat and anxiety.

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    I use the cerave liquid cleanser and then the cerave moisturizing lotion. Both products are very gentle and have worked well for me.

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    Cerave moisturising lotion lotion 473 ml = £2.85 100ml
    Cerave facial moisturiser 52ml. = £23.10 100ml

    I can only see one ingredients difference or am I going mad

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