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Thread: Tale of woe with NHS befor discovering Cod liver oil and Lavender oil

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    Thumbs up Tale of woe with NHS before discovering Cod liver oil and Lavender oil

    Hi, New to the forum. Here is my story. Diagnosed with mild Rosacea Jan 2014, but have had symptoms on and off from early 2013. Symptoms are feeling hot in the face (upper cheeks, nose, forehead) from about 14:00 through to 19:00. Varies but symptoms go by late evening. Before diagnosis my skin got so sore on one cheek that the skin was peeling. Prescribed a topical antibac cream. At the time of the Rosacea diagnosis I had a chronic infection in x2 eyelash follicles. Dr explained that this was not related to the Rosacea . Eye got worse and went back to same Dr 1 month later and he agreed eye infection was related to Rosacea and put me on 6wks course of Doxycycline 100mg. Ringing in ears and digestive system went to the wall, and at the end of the 6 weeks only slight improvement with eye. Then I visited by Osteopath and in passing mentioned the Rosacea. Try Lavender oil, just under the lower lid where the infected follicles are. Need to be careful with cotton bud and only the smallest amount. Within three weeks eye has cleared up. At the same time I watched "Food Unwrapped" on the world’s best diet and decided to have some Cod liver oil. In the same two weeks my facial skin was greasier and the Rosacea symptoms have gone I agree with Prince Charles, the NHS needs to do more with alternative therapies and save some time and money. I spent £22 on Rosacea cream and antibiotics and just £6 on the Cod liver and Lavender oil, and feel healthier. May not work with everybody, but it did for me.
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