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Thread: Mivaso making me facial flush?

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    Angry Mivaso making me facial flush?

    So I had been putting Mirvaso on my cheeks, chin and nose for about a week to a week and half and everything seemed to be going great! Then I stopped using it because I ran out of the sample and was waiting for the prescription to arrive at the pharmacy since they had to order it. I haven't put it on for 3 days and my face is SO RED! It is hot and feels like I have the worst sunburn of my life! This lasts for about an hour and half to two hours and then goes away for an hour or so and comes back again! I am indoors all day long at work so I am not being exposed to hot temperatures or sunlight. Is this what is supposed to happen when one stops applying Mirvaso? Does anyone know how long this is going to last? I deal with people all day long and it is incredibly embarrassing to be as red as a tomato. Please help!

    I have also been applying a cold, wet towel to my face to ease the uncomfortable hotness. Is this okay to do or making it worse? All I know is I have to keep rinsing the towel because it gets hot from all the heat coming off of my face!
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    Unfortunately this is all too normal. The day after I applied the Mirvaso I was surprised because my skin was still pale, but by day 2 things got real intense.

    The good news is my face returned to baseline redness after about 2 weeks, and I'm sure yours will stabilize as well. Hang in there and if you want my opinion I would lay off the Mirvaso. 8 hours of pale skin is not worth the onslaught of flushing that comes after.

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    Read these threads:

    And these anecdotal reports:

    I have added your report as #219 in the above spreadsheet.
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