Hi there, I haven't posted on here for ages because I have managed to get my rosacea flushing under control with a variety of treatments including coconut oil (topical) and starflower oil (oral).

I still flush but not as badly or as frequently and my main trigger is now stress (work meetings, etc).

BUT I am 42 in July and in absolute despair over my skin's texture. It looks so awful and it really makes me feel self conscious. It's sort of crepey and lined with horrible open pores - mainly on the cheeks and nose. I know it's ageing skin too but I know that the rosacea has added to the horrible texture.

Like most people on here, I've tried so many different lotions and potions over the years. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can improve and smooth out my skin? I'm even considering some sort of laser but would be scared of making the rosacea worse?

Many thanks in advance!