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    I am a 23 year old male who cannot find any solution to my almost constantly red/burning cheeks. I first began to notice the redness and burning a few years ago but it was only from the drastic temperature change of working outside in the winter and then going to room temperature. Although last year it began to happen during the summer months and now it happens everyday. I have tried every over the counter cream and lotion available with no success. Two months ago i met with a dermatologist who diagnosed me with rosacea (after only being there for 10 minutes). She prescribed me a antibiotic (apprilon) and a cream (noritate). I have been using both religiously since i got them with very little affect.
    Any feedback would be appreciated, as this condition is making it very difficult to live a regular life.

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    Welcome to RF.

    You have been given the basic standard treatments for rosacea, (oral low dose doxycycline [Oracea in the US - Apprilon in Canada both made by Galderma] and metronidazole.

    Wikipedia says about Noritate:

    "While noritate may get rid of some pustules and reduce redness, it has been shown to result in acne in an exceptionally small number of users. The drug information pamphlet claims only 1% of users see ill effects. In many cases, users see no reduction in general redness associated with rosacea and sometimes even a worsening effect."

    The Apprilon will take a while to work but you may see improvement in a month.

    My suggestion is you need to read for a few hours the posts in this forum. Suggest you use the search feature top right corner and type in Apprilon or Oracea and just read. Then type in Noritate and read.

    If there were a standard treatment for rosacea that worked for everyone there would be no need of this forum, you would have never bothered to find this forum since you would be one happy camper. What happens is that there are alternative treatments for rosacea which work for some while it doesn't work for others, just like the standard treatment the physicians are using. By the way, some are very happy with controlling their rosacea with Apprilon and Noritate, so you may be one of them, but you have to wait about a month or so to see if it works for you.

    That is the nature of any treatment, it takes a while to see if it works. If after a month, if you decide to use physician treatments, your treatment isn't working, you go back to the dermatologist and explain this. The doc will give you something else since there are other alternative physician treatments.

    There are also non prescription treatments for rosacea that work for some. You simply have to read, read, read. What works for one may not work for you. It is one big experiment, Mitch. Welcome to RF.

    And if you want to learn even more Join the RRDi.
    Brady Barrows
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