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    Hi all,

    I am 51 and not overweight and reasonably fit I was 25 years in the RAF. The only illness I had was acne when I was younger and was put on a course of acutaine 80 mgs a day for 6 months this worked with no problems. All was well until I was diagnosed with acne Roseacea 3 years ago and have been on antibiotics. Then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Ruber Vera with JAK2 positive, basically my haemoglobin is high. For that I have been put on 3 interferon injections a week to control my blood levels. My dermatologist could not put me on accutane until my blood levels came down to some kind of normal levels. This is now the case although the blood levels are still not great! My colestrial levels are good 1.2 as I am on aspirin and statin following a heart attack 4 years ago! Not doing to good really am I? My question to anyone who may be able to help is I have been on the accutaine for a week and my face is covered in white spots and very sore, will this last long? My derm did say it would get worse before it gets better. With this and the injections As you can imagine don't make me feel to flash to say the least.

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    Welcome to RF. Yes, rosacea added to your health issues is an extra weight you carry.

    You have chosen some treatments that you should be educated on. For example, read up on Accutane. Taking long term antibiotics, whether low dose or not, will have risks.

    My suggestion is to take a few hours and browse this forum, google questions you have and spend the time to learn alternative rosacea treatments.

    Eating a healthy diet is important, avoiding sugar and high carbohydrate may improve your rosacea. Increase your protein and fat. Try this for thirty days and see if you don't see improvement.
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    I have rosacea, and have had facials, but have made darned sure that the aesthetician doing them knows I have rosacea, and knows how to treat it. Harsh cleansers, masks, scrubs, etc., are out, they will irritate your skin WAYY too much. I don't even have my blackheads removed anymore, the steam is too irritating for my face. Many salons/day spas even have a facial that's specifically designed to treat rosacea. Until you know what will and won't work, I'd check with my dermatologist before getting anything done, because it's so easy to make it worse without intending to.

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