Hi, I have been a long term user of Moxonidine for helping to control my Rosacea associated flushes. However I am just curious to know if people generally take such anti-flushing medication e.g. clonidine, moxonidine etc on a daily basis to prevent any flare up's or do people only take the medication once they have flushed/prior to an expected event that will cause a flush?

I personally used to only take Moxonidine when required i.e. when experiencing a flush to help reduce it or prior to an event that would cause a flush e.g. going the gym and working out. However since putting Mirvaso on my face I have been taking the Moxonidine daily to help prevent any rebound flare ups from Mirvaso, as I had to discontinue the use of Mirvaso due to the rebound flushes.