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Thread: Green tea (L-Theanine) for stress

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    Hi there...I am new here and I am not sure were to post my experience but I am doing so in case it may be helpful to someone out there. I am aware we are all different and something that works for one may not work for another but here goes!

    In the last 8 months both an Oxford doctor and Oxford consultant dermatologist told me I had unfortunately started with Seb Derm and Rosacea and preceeded to prescribe Elomet cream, Metrogel and suggested a whole heap of stuff......Thankfully my face is perfectly back to normal and its nothing to do with what I have put on it.

    My face gradually became a nightmare, the centre of my cheeks were practically deep purple/red, very hot, with tiny hard red bumps, my nose, chin and eyes were red and inside my eyelids were bloodshot. I woke up with the centre of my cheeks nose and chin just like sunburn with spots? This went on for weeks so I had a full range of blood tests done...all normal. In the meantime I did tons of research whilst trying all kinds of antihistamines, asprin, anti-candida, apple cider vinegar,Vit B, C and oils, creams and gels on my face from Tea tree to Scabies cream... etc...

    Luckily because I get migraine I have kept a diary of everything (food, drink, weather, medication, vitamins etc...) I have consumed for several years. I had changed 4 things in the last 8 months. I started to eat corn, dairy (cottage cheese) and coffee every day. The problem was I had being consuming these for about 6 weeks before my face problems started. I was also under major stress. I went back to my normal routine and 3 weeks after stopping the corn, dairy and coffee there was little difference in my face? I was really annoyed I thought the steroid cream had made it even worse.

    With two science degrees and a whole lot of common sense I started to research what other fluctuations were in your blood that I wasn’t tested for. Cortisol the stress hormone is highest between the early hours of the morning and varies throughout the day. Cortisol can apparently accumulate in the blood stream during prolonged stress in some people and not others....what reduces cortisol?...L-Theanine an amino acid found in high quality green Chinese/Japanese stewed tea. Within 2 days of drinking pints of cold green tea my face and eyes in the morning were nearly normal, cold and white? One week later I do not look as if I have ever had a problem.

    Very confusing for me because although the Green tea/L-Theanine continues to be my cure...were the qualified dermatologists wrong did I not have Rosacea ...did I have it and get rid of tea also reduces histamines...dairy and corn are histamine liberators...did the tea flush out the histamines in a way the antihistamines couldn’t. Or did the extra caffeine push my cortisol levels too high for too long...I still have the same amount of stress!

    Anyway my conclusion is my problem was caused by a prolonged high level combination of cortisol and/or histamine liberators that accumulated in my body.... Nothing I put on my face made any difference and no vitamins, pills, garlic, chilli, smoke, sun or cat fur made any difference. I continue to take no supplements and drink copious amounts of high grade Sencha Green Tea. I get a normal hot face after exercise or after a hot bath that goes but this is not the same as the permanent 24/7 burning cheek, nose and bumpy red rash of what the derms said was Rosacea. Good luck if this is helpful to anyone!

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    This is very interesting indeed.

    It would be great if you kept going with your records, and noted any further refinements in your (self-)diagnosis, or method of treatment.

    Also, I am going to move this to a separate, independent thread with its own title, to give it the prominence it deserves.

    The current state of rosacea diagnosis is very crude. There are probably tens of entirely different conditions, all expressing themselves in a similar manner (red face etc). Various factors serve to obscure the differences - from the generally blase nature medical response to cases, to the big time delays and separation of cause and effect in rosacea(s).

    Anyway, yes - hope you will continue to update.
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    Cutting out coffee and switching to green tea will help tremendously with your average rosacean. (My humble opinion)

    Down to using honey about once a week at most....

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    Right, I'm off to buy some green tea. My skin always reacts badly to high stress levels and I get a build up of pressure behind my ears, especially when I have a deadline with work.

    Thanks for this information. Anything at all that can help reduce stress, is worth knowing about. My doctor refuses to give me any more Diazapam (Valium) and says I should get up at 5.30 am and go running on the Sussex Downs like she does. I think I'd rather have a cup of tea!

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    Default Green tea gonna try!

    Thank you I too am about to,order off Amazon.

    Interestingly out shopping yesterday I got iced green tea, jumbo sized, and really enjoyed it

    Thank you!

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    I think there are a few things worth noting here

    1 - Green Tea DOES still have caffeine in it. If you are unable to consume caffeine be aware of it.

    2 - You can purchase L-theanine as supplements which are higher in mg than your cup of tea.

    3 - Make sure you're not drinking the green tea when piping hot, it obviously takes longer to cool down due to the lack of milk.

    To the original poster, have you cut out dairy completely? Congratulations on your progression, really happy for you. I'm currently giving up coffee to see how I react. Pretty much anything that messes with blood pressure should be avoided by a person that has a tendency to flush / blush. I usually stay up very late at night (1AM) and rely on coffee for my morning pick me-up.

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