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Thread: Newbie, wanting diagnosis of roasea

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    Default Newbie, wanting diagnosis of roasea

    Hi everybody! I am new to the forum and would love some advice.

    I am nearly 21 but have severely had bad skin with awful acne since I was 9. I have tried thousands of different treatments and nothing has worked. However it has only been the past 2.5 years where my skin has been seriously red. My doctor refuses to diagnose me with rosacea as he claims that I am too young to have this, I also went to a private clinic last year to have expensive n-lite laser treatments, the dermatologist suggested that I may have rosacea but wasn't sure as she said I don't meet all the criteria symptoms. My skin isn't red around my forehead but just cheeks, nose and chin. I have pale skin (reddish hair and blue eyes) so any medics I have seen say its just red because that's my natural skin tone, however that wouldn't explain why its only become red over the past couple of years, my skin was snow white before this (other than around my red spots) and also my skin on other areas such as my forehead & body is not at all red in tone. I know that rosacea can be genetic and my mum has mild rosacea as she gets flushes, can't eat curry/drink wine as this aggravates it but she manages her symptoms by simply wearing make up and she is not bothered by it, my dad also has reddish skin however my older brother and sister have perfectly 'normal' skin. However my redness is coupled with large pores and seriously big angry boils and old acne scarring. I look like i have constant sunburn and cannot leave the house without make up. I only use bare minerals products so that my skin doesn't become more irritated. My skin is sore, but it only burns or tingles where I have spots, not in the other red areas. I don't notice any veins broken capillaries etc that tend to be associated with roasacea and don't notice the symptons ever getting better or worse depending on diet or any other factors, its just constanty red. I get big boils and lumps on my nose. I wear sunscreen and use SPF make up so I don't think it could simply be sunburn, also as its just as red in winter as in the summer. My doctor prescribed me a few days ago with oxytetracyline- has anybody ever used this as it does say it relives symptomps of roascea as well as ance?

    Sorry for the long post but I am at desperate times now, I feel repulsed by my skin. I would really appreciate it if people could suggest weather they think I do have roascea or not as I think I do but medics think I don't and I just don't know where I stand as I am using some acne products that say to not use them on rosacea so therefore I don't know weather to discontinue use...

    Thanks everybody.

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    Generally speaking rosacea is an adult onset skin condition, however, it can happen in younger patients. While this has been published for some time now, just this week it was announced at the Waikoloa, Hawaii dermatology conference that "Rosacea is generally thought of as a common adult disorder with onset typically at age 30-50 years. But recent evidence indicates it can occur during early childhood, too."

    Childhood rosacea may wear acne mask

    Tetracycline has been used for many years to treat acne and rosacea. Oxytetracycline is just a different type of tetracycline. Usually you will respond to this treatment in four to eight weeks which should clear up your face. If not, you simply return to your physician and show the results and a different treatment may be used if the results are wanting. Diagnosis can be changed based upon what treatment works. You need to continue reading in this forum and educating yourself about what is posted here and read the RRDi FAQs.
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    Hello Emily

    Sorry to hear about your skin problems and yes young people can also develop rosacea although it is not as common as the usual band of between 30 – 50 years, when it most commonly appears. It can also run in families but that doesn’t always mean you will develop it if your mother or father has the condition.

    It is suggested that we can have a genetic predisposition to developing rosacea and that something can trigger it off e.g. stress.

    Yours sounds a complex case and bested suited to seeing a good dermatologist with a proven track record of treating rosacea rather than us trying and diagnose what you have. You mention that you went to a private clinic and had laser treatment – who was that with?

    My advice is to ask for a referral from your GP to see Professor Tony Chu at Hammersmith Hospital if you are in easy reach of London? Be warned as there can be a 3 – 4 month waiting list though to get an appointment because he is in demand.

    Oxytetracycline can be effective for both acne and rosacea but needs to be taken for a long time and might not be the best treatment for you particular case. You can try it if you want but make sure your GP monitors your progress and ideally I would suggest seeing an expert like Tony Chu first.

    Good luck


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