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Thread: Forgot your password? - how to get a new one

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    Default Forgot your password? - how to get a new one

    If you forgot your password you can create a new one here:

    You will receive an email with instructions on creating a new one

    Of course this is assuming you entered a valid email address when you first signed up
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    The password reset process works like this.

    You need to know the email address you used to sign up with.

    Enter that email address at lostpw link above.

    You will receive an email message containing 2 things.
    1. the login name linked to that email address
    2. a web link to click on to reset the password for this account.

    Click on this link and you will be sent another email message that will contain a new password to login with.

    Make sure that you carefully type the existing username and the new password you were just sent. You get 5 tries before being forced to have a break. User error is normally what goes wrong here - CAPS LOCK on, putting the password in the username, putting your email address in the username, putting your username in the password field - these will all fail, so go slowly.

    If you want to change the password, do it as soon as you login. Remember to supply your just-rest password to be able to update it once again.
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    First, this was not accepted by my insurance company, as I'm sure it is not my most. As a result, I had to appeal and make a formulary appeal request which was accepted , otherwise I would be paying around $510
    I am now paying $8.25

    I have been using this for about 21 days, and unfortunately, I have not found it to be very efficacious in reducing erythema (redress)

    I have tried Protopic, Mirvaso (Horrible) Soolsntra, Elidel, and Eucrisa
    I have also tried doxycycline

    I have had the best results with: Eucrisa

    I also highly recommend CeraVe
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