Hey All,

For the past 1 or so years I've been having moderate to severe redness on the sides of my nose, with enlarged pores. It tends to come and go, the symptoms improve when I'm washing my face regularly and eating healthy, and worsen with the opposite. I also have significantly higher oil production in those areas, and those are the only areas where I get acne.

Benzoyl peroxide tends to help, but mainly with the acne, not with the redness. I also notice improvements when my skin is dry, and less when my skin is moist and oily.

My brother suffers from severe papulopustular rosacea, so it clearly runs in our family.

I'm concerned because it seems to be spreading. The times when the symptoms are better are rarer, and there are more flare ups. Sometimes my whole nose seems to be redder than the surrounding skin.

Do you guys think I have Phymatous Rosacea? I know it usually includes thickened skin on the tip of the nose, and so I'm not sure because my redness is around the edges of my nose.