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    I am new to this forum and am wondering what people have found to be their symptoms when affected by demodex? My derm said she couldn't do a skin scraping unless I had scaly skin? I have strange irregular raised white lines developing all over my face and I am wondering if this correlates with demodex? They are becoming more numerous everyday and I have no idea what to do- I have no idea if it is scarring. They look almost like stretch marks and I also have some raised lines with a bump at the end, enlarged pores, glitter specks on face as some people have described etc.

    Please help, I'm freaking out and have no help and am having some bad thoughts


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    I suggest you visit a more competent dermatologist.

    To state that you are unable to have a skin scraping for the reasons you say is ludicrous.

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    Yeah it seemed a little strange as noone else that had them done seemed to have scales?! Ok well I'm guessing it's not generally a related symptom then as noone has commented otherwise. Must be from something else..back to the drawing board.



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    Demodectic Rosacea looks very much like acne rosacea. What you are describing is something else. I suggest you get a second opinion.
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