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Thank you so much Faux and Scot. Both those answers were very helpful.

Scot is seems like you have quite an interesting array of triggers and I'm intrigued that so many common triggers do nothing for you!

If anyone else has input about triggers and how long they take to make you flush, I would love to hear them!
Hi Mister Twiggy. My triggers are more of the typical list of aggravation: wind ( even walking in
A light breeze), SUN, heat, humidity, very cold air, eating too many carbs ( for me that is
Approximately more than 150 daily), too much coffee, stress-- just feeling emotions deeply--
Crying( usually run for an ice pack after a good cry), citrus, sugar, spicy foods, alcohol, hot
Bath or shower, hot food, lighting--especially my eyes.

Most of the reaction to my triggers is evident within a few hours. Some, like a week of too
Many carbs, may take several days. Usually I know I am on the brink with too many carbs
Because areas of my face ( cheeks mainly) tingle and burn. My eyes get very dry and my
Scalp even begins to slightly burn. I know I'm in for a bad flare when my scalp burns very
Badly. Sometimes I can divert the bad flare by drinking bone broth 3/4 times a day for
Several days. And at the same time I have just lately discovered, I eat very little. Veggies
Gluten free bread spread with coconut oil ( toasted) and the broth for at least 3 days.

Also I have to add to the trigger list certain medications and medical procedures: I've had
Two spine surgeries so these are the ones I reacted to: any muscle relaxer except Valium. All
Narcotics ( I have to recover without pain meds), anything with codeine, sulpha, some
Antibiotics. Dental procedures. A lot of it for me is those damn lights. Just went in for a
Regular cleaning last week and embarrassingly asked for them to "drape" my face with
One of their heavy paper aprons.. Also wear my own very dark sunglasses as they work on
Me. ( I just kinda pretend I'm not really there.. Ha). This worked this time as I had no
Flare just a bit of burn that subsided. I'm sure I provided them with great conversation
When I left. Hope this helps. Birdie