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    Just wanted to check in and post about makeup, moisturizer and face wash I'm tolerating well after not tolerating much of anything for a couple years. I have all subtypes with the exception of the WC Fields nose subtype (knock wood) and I mean, I have all the subtypes in their full capacity. I flush, I breakout, and my eyes kill me. It is a butt kicker. Hopefully this will help someone else:

    Cleanser: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. It's a little drying, but the best out of the tons I tried. Moisturize right after, only wash at night.

    Moisturizer: Avene Skin Recovery Cream for Hypersensitive and Irritable Skin. Only moisturizer I can use. Seriously. Applying light amount after night cleansing. Little more in morning before makeup. Don't wash my face in the morning.

    Makeup: CoverGirl Smoothers AquaSmooth Compact Foundation. YAY! Finally some cover. After adding a little more Avene in the morning, I use my CLEAN fingers (not the sponge that comes with, my face doesn't like anything but my fingers) to PAT, not rub, the makeup on my damp, moisturized face to the desired cover, or close to the desired cover. After a few minutes, I might add a little more to troubled areas. Less is more and I found that although a lighter shade matches my skin a little better, the creamy natural blends pretty good and doesn't show up as white chalky stuff if I do flush (which I will given the opportunity!). I use this as my sunscreen (and a hat when needed) because every sunscreen I've tried has totaled my skin. All of them. No lie.

    I'll do another post about some other helpful tidbits a little later, but wanted to get this out there.

    Hope this helps a fellow rosacea sufferer. Hang in there guys. oxoxoxo

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    I've been looking for a new moisturizer to try (my current one irritates me ). Thanks for the tip. I'm a guy so the make up section didn't apply to me, but hopefully someone else will see it.

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    Red face First Aid Beauty

    I just picked this up this last weekend and had to gently start on it. My skin has been extremely sensitive all of my life. Then this possible Rosacea, I say possible because I don't have the official Derm appointment until Tuesday.

    I did find it was a little less drying than the New Neutrogena Calming. I think it will work well when taking the mineral makeup off. I am trying their light day cream and it sort of works.

    Okay, guys, you can use the cleanser, I promise we won't make you put in make-up unless you want to.

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