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Thread: This face is not mine.

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    Default This face is not mine.

    I found out I had rosacea about a year ago after two years of being treated for acne, shingles and acne again. I finally found a new dermatologist who showed me pic's of rosacea and said this is what I had. I hate it! I used to be beautiful. People used to actually look in my eyes when they talked to me but now I feel like people just stare at my bumps on my face. I heard that turmeric Works and I'm going to give it a try. At this point I'll try anything...:

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    Hi MCat, welcome to the forums. I'm new here myself. Rosacea is literally different for everyone (haven't figured it out for myself yet). I'd recommend starting with the stickied posts in some of the other forums. Educate yourself a bit then post about what works for you and what you still have questions on!

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    Hi MCat, welcome to the RF. I am terribly sorry you are going through this. Most of us can relate to how you are feeling right now. It's the new "normal" and you need to come to terms with what you are experiencing and know you can make it better and can come through this and feel yourself again. No matter what happens you will be OK. I second Mister Twiggy's suggestion of reading through the stickied threads and taking time to sort through all the information. The best advice I can give right now is one day at a time while learning all you can. Things progress slowly and it takes time to figure out what will help you and what won't. Rosacea is very individual and there is no one universal thing that works for everyone but be patient because you will find what works for you. It is hard not to feel overwhelmed at times but just be kind to yourself and you will be OK.

    One thing I can advocate you to start doing right now if you are already not doing- wear sunblock on your face every single day. I find that the physical sunblocks are the least reactive for sensitive skin. The physical sunblocks are those that contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. Start a low sugar diet with lots of veggies/salads/water and keep simple carbs to a minimum. Many of us find that sugar/chocolates/dairy are triggers among many other foods. It is a matter of trial and error and takes time to find what your triggers are. And lastly treat your face very gently and use a minimum of products on it. Get plenty of sleep and try to maintain a physical fitness regimen and adding meditation and other stress reduction techniques are all helpful. Best of luck and we are here for you.

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    Welcome to the forum MCat! I've heard good things about turmeric, has it helped any? I know that feeling I feel uncomfortable talking to people in person because when you are close to my face you can see all the flakes from seb derm. I have rosacea too so it's rough dealing with both. Did you ever find something that helped your acne? Also what other things have you tried so far for rosacea? I've been to many derms and tried many creams they don't help me at all. If they give you a steroid cream don't use it, the first derm I went to gave me steroid creams that made things worse and at the time I had no clue what I was even putting on my skin. I agree with Mister Twiggy, learn as much as you can on here. The forum is really helpful I learned so much and its great to relate to people who are suffering from the same thing as you are. Reducing my stress level has helped soo much for my rosacea. Avoiding my triggers is also helpful but sometimes impossible to do. I would recommend changing your diet, even if its not the effecting your rosacea its still a good thing to have a healthy diet. Like Melissa said veggies and water and avoid diary and sugar and keep carbs to a minimum. Diary and sugar are big triggers for my skin. Juicing is also a great thing, I did it for a while and I'm going to start again soon. I find exercising to be helpful especially when I'm stressed. It will feel very overwhelming but you always have people on the forum to be there for you. I hope things get better!

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