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Thread: rosaeca and dry skin...nothing works....... help please!

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    Unhappy rosaeca and dry skin...nothing works....... help please!

    I have been diagnosed with mild rosacea on my cheeks, forehead and nose. The doctor said it isn't serious enough to get antibiotics so I have been trying to treat it myself. I was using clinique anti redness moisturize and cleanser, as well as the make up. However I noticed my skin was becoming very dry on my cheeks and my friend, who is a beauty therapist, informed me clinique products use a chemical which can dry out skin. So..... back to the drawing board! I researched products and Avene came up as the one most mentioned to help their skin so.i used the gentle cleanser and the redness emulsion and my skin appears even dryer! And when I put it.on my face feels on fire and when it calms down the redness is there. I have also noticed that my skin appears bumpy around my cheeks!
    I get married in 5 months and am so worried the rosacea is going to flare up and ruin the day.
    Can anyone recommend any good moisturizers/cleansers..... anything to help please as I'm starting to worry.

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    Hi Claire, I am sorry you are dealing with this issue but know that it is not an uncommon problem and it is just a matter of finding what works for you which can be done through trial and error. I love Eucerin original moisturizing creme for winter dry skin. I have very dry and sensitive skin and this works best for me. It calms and moisturizes my face very well. I also like the Eucerin moisturizing lotion when my face is not as dry.

    For cleansing I use the Eucerin redness relief soothing cleanser gel. I apply to my face after I wet it first with water and then gently apply and rinse off. Remember this may or may not work for you because everyone is different but trying it is the only way to know for sure. I hope it helps you.

    Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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