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Thread: My condition. I've had bright red cheeks all my life. I hope you can help.

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    Default My condition. I've had bright red cheeks all my life. I hope you can help.

    Hello there,

    I've only recently discovered that I may have Rosacea after years of thinking I had soemthing else called "Slap Cheek Syndrome", a wrong diagnosis provoked this thinking.

    I have had a permanent flush in my cheeks for as long as I can remeber. Different situation such as high anxiety/stress, hot environments, hot food etc make my cheeks turns scarlet with the horrible burning sensation there to remind me how bright my cheeks currently are. I'm currently 22 and in university so my appearance is something that does concern me. High pressure situations/environements destroy my confidence knowing how brightly my cheeks are glowing. I'm very pale everywhere else on my face apart from my cheeks so the differnence is very noticeable.

    I was considering seeing a GP to check but I thought I would get an opinion from here. I was told that Sea Buckthorn Oil has done wonders for some people but I just wondered if there was a specific brand that really helped.

    If there was ny advice you could give that would be brilliant

    Thank you

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    You really should get a diagnosis from a healthcare professional before seeking opinions here.

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    You should defiantly go see a dermatologist, sounds like you could have either rosacea or KPRF. You could invest in laser treatment for the persistent redness and flushing if thats a road you want to go down, but first get a proper diagnosis and take it from there. Learn your triggers and what makes you flush and try your best to avoid them in the mean time and you could also change your diet.

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    Hi Niall1991.
    I'm 19 and in the same boat as you.
    What are you studying at uni?

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    Might be Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii?

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    Niall, welcome to the RF. There are many differential diagnoses so your best bet is to see a dermatologist if possible as already recommended by the previous posters. If you must see a GP first try to get a referral to a derm from him/her because it may be beyond the scope of your general practitioner. Good luck.

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