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Thread: How to make my first post

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    Default How to make my first post

    1) First you need to Register
    a) Sign up with some name you makeup and also create a good password
    b) Enter a valid email address - and answer the random question
    c) Within a few minutes a follow up Email Validation will then be sent to you
    --- please Reply to the Email Verification else your privileges will be limited
    --- be sure to copy and paste entire line - it may run over to the next line
    --- If you don't receive a follow up Email Verification after registering - be sure to check your Spam folder

    --- You can also have your Email Verification resent to you by using this

    So now you've already registered and have also replied to the Email Verification:
    Then click on a Topic such as "Newbie questions / Introduction"

    2) Then press the "Post New Thread"
    -enter a Title - Try to be more specific than "Help Me" in your title
    -enter some more detailed text below about the subject matter

    3) Then press "Submit New Thread"

    Note: If you are brand new please don't include a web link in your message
    else your post will be sent to moderation for approval before being accepted.
    (This includes quoting a previous message from another member that has links in it)

    Hope this helps - for more info please read the FAQ
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