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Thread: Permanent redness around mouth, sides of nose (10+ years) w/pics

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    Default Hi

    Quote Originally Posted by ana1989 View Post
    Yep.. exactly. It makes the redness less visible for sure.. but it's still there.

    Do you guys think that maybe this is also something food related? Could it be that this is caused by diet as well? For me, I try to eat as healthy as possible, but who knows.. I'm just trying to think of what can cause this.

    It's not rosacea, but it's not the typical dermatitis. I just can't believe how Zineryt was able to reduce completely the redness and the clogged pores and now it has no effect at all.

    Anyways, for the moment I will only stick with zinc oxide and see how much of this redness can go away.
    Hi I also read up on something that says to clean your blood not sure if that helps I use yellow dock root and burdock root and mix them with a small drink twice a day

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    Small update on my part:
    I’ve been hydrating the living **** out of my perioral skin / smile lines, and especially at night. I lay on a ton of Tom’s cream, making it a thick layer, and also add in extra HW hyaluronic acid (Timeless brand, thanks @sejon) and a couple of drops of 10% niacinamide (the ordinary). I’ve also used urea, but I think the niacinamide + hydration has made the difference. My skin is more elastic and less red. I’m still shy of smiling really hard, but now I can eat anything without any visible signs of redness, and if I cant contain myself because I’m watching Brian Regan or something, and am rolling on the floor, I get a little bit red, but it fades quickly.

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    Default I've had this for 20 years...

    Yup 20 years. I developed perioral dermatitis when I was 14. I haven't any it for quite some time now and I rarely get spots in that area anymore and if I do I can get rid of them fairly quick (when I used to have them for months at a time. No kidding). But I pretty much always have redness under my nose and above my lip like a little red 'mustache'. Sometimes it's gets redder but it's always at least a bit pink. I don't use ANY of the bad products talked about. My skincare routine is organic and natural. I make some of my own because I'm so picky about what I put on my skin. I've spent years experimenting with different ingredients to see if I react to them. I use organic makeup that is specially made for sensitive skin and skin conditions. I know more about skincare ingredients than some so called professionals I've met. I won't take prescription creams or topicals prescribed by doctors because I know 99.99999% of them are crap. They may temporarily help but they are a band-aid. Someone suggested that this is internal and I do believe that is true in many cases. One person said they were tested and everything was negative. Well 1: it's possible he has a condition that ISN'T internally caused and 2: He didn't state if he was tested for absolutely everything. Most people I know who have had any sort of condition that is hard to diagnose had to be extremely diligent in letting their doctor or derm know that they want THOROUGH testing because most of the time you won't actually get it. And you can't just go in for one or two tests and be done with it. Test results can depend on a lot of factors (such as hormone fluctuations for example) and false results are possible. So repeat testing can be necessary. It can take a good while to figure out what the issue is.

    I don't think everyone here has the same issue but if you have PD I'll tell you right now... Use silver gel. I tried so many different things (including zinc) and that's the only thing I've found that works. I haven't had an outbreak for over 10 years. Occasionally I get a bump here or there but I apply silver gel and they go away. Silver gel is good for acne as well. My other go to is arnica gel (though I haven't used it on PD spots since I rarely get them anymore). Silver gel is also 10 times better than abreva for cold sores. When I lived at home my parents used to steal my silver gel all the time. My ex roommate also figured it out and started using it lol. It's good stuff.

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    I have the exact same thing as in the OP. Also the pictures posted by soup and personne are exactly the same as what I have. I don't have a solution yet, but I will post one here if I ever find one. Does anyone have any updates on any potential solutions?

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