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Thread: Low Dose Accutane--Losing myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConniefromCanada View Post
    Please don't give up. I was very self conscious about the extremely ugly giant freckles I had. I found out that Retin A makes freckles disappear. It took 3 months to be freckle free. NO ONE
    even noticed. Please don't give up.
    My rosacea us quite subtle. It never really bothered me until I saw my face 3 days ago. I accidently
    used hand sanitizer instead of liquid soap. The worst part was trying to breathe. I got out of the shower expecting to see a red face. My rosacea on the lower half of my face was gone. Wow. My cheeks are still pink. After this discovery I am going to try other methods. Please try hand sanitizer. Try different types. I've tried 2 and I definitely have a favorite. I'm not sure if I am able to name the brands??? Connie
    My father has used hand sanitizer for about 10 years.

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    Hey ruxin you prob gone by now but how did it all work with the skin thicking did you ever find a solution?

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