I was diagnosed with papulo-pustular rosacea four years ago. I am 51, blue-eyed & blonde-haired, of Scottish descent, and probably peri-menopausal (although my serum estrogen and progesterone are still normal). I have made many expensive and frustrating visits to several dermatologists in town. Started on oral minocyline (Solodyn) which I was on for two years. Derm switched me to the outrageously expensive oral doxycycline (Doryx) which didn't work as well as the Solodyn. Tried topical metronidazole gel (MetroGel) with minimal improvement. Tried topical azaleic acid (Finacea) with minimal to no improvement. Have had multiple pustules under my nose and on my chin for months. Am sick of looking like this. My derm then recommended Isotretinoin. Just not excited about trying this. Tends to cause depression.

Received a sample of a "cult cream" called Yu-Be from Sephora. Previously this cream had only been available in Japan. I reasoned that if breakdown of the normal skin barrier was part of the rosacea cycle, then maybe this mildly camphorated glycerin-based cream could be helpful in healing the compromised skin barrier. O....M....G. I have seen dramatic improvement in my skin in less than one week. I have been putting a thin layer of MetroGel on my face at night, allowing it to dry, then covering with a generous smear of Yu-Be cream. Finacea in the morning also covered with Yu-Becream. It has a mildy camphorous smell which fades quickly. It appears creamy-opaque when first applied, as it absorbs. this resolves.

I know that what works for some rosaceans does not necessarily work for others. But there is no problem with harsh teratogenic meds (Isotretinoin) or development of bacterial resistance (topical Clindamycin). It's not very expensive compared to the prescription creams and oral tabs. Yu-Be cream is available from Amazon.com and Sephora.com. Give it a try. I hope you seen the same improvement that I have.

All the best, Gina