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Thread: vbeam vs ipl and treatment of papules and pustules

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    Default vbeam vs ipl and treatment of papules and pustules

    Here's a quick summary of me....I'm 34 and I've had mild/moderate rosacea for the last 15 years. I've had numerous ipl and vbeam treatments and consider myself very knowledgeable about rosacea, especially as I work in healthcare and have a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I've reviewed many websites and have spoken with many dermatologists. Truth is a hard thing to get in life. Anyways.....

    My main concern with my rosacea has to do with papules and pustules, redness really isn't an issue (very mild) as I have type 2 rosacea. I want to know several things if anyone thinks they know the answers (and it'd be greatly appreciated). I have a good regimen and take 40 mg doxy daily and use metrogel twice daily with a good sunblock moisturizer over it. I am aware of my triggers, but I want to lead a normal life and not have to worry about triggers so much.

    1. Does ipl or vbeam help with the pps (papules and pustules) of rosacea? If so, which is better and why does this work? Why is there no agreement amongst dermatologists?

    I've asked dermatologists: 2 in NY claimed that ipl was very effective for pps, and after having treatments done, I agree. However, there were other variables with regards to topical and oral meds that were changing at the time so I'm not sure which variables led to the good results. 1 derm in RI said that the research doesn't support the use of ipl for pps. Derms in CT weren't realy certain either. My current derm in Boston says that some people think that it helps and some don't think so. He agreed that the research for vbeam shows that some people get no result and some get tremendous results for their pps from vbeam.

    I've looked at so much info over the internet. Same answers, some doctors say the vbeam is effective for pps, others say no. Some doctors like Dr. Crouch say that the ipl and not the vbeam works for pps, others say that ipl isn't used for pps.

    2. Is there any agreement on what causes the pps of rosacea?

    From my understanding, there are 2 theories. 1. The abnormal blood vessels leak proteins when you flush and this will lead to pps. 2. The sebaceous glands have grown with abnormal flushing and this leads to overproduction of sebum which leads to pps (which may explain why accutane/isotretinoin is effective). 3. Also could be a combination of both.

    3. Is it possible that if the leaky blood vessels are the cause, that both vbeam ad ipl would be effective at treating this? Is it possible that if the sebaceous gland hyperfunction is the cause, that the ipl (and not the vbeam) helps to shrink the sebaceous glands as the ipl uses a broad spectrum of light which may have more of an effect on the sebaceous glands? If these assumptions are true, could this be why some people respond well to vbeam and others do not. Could it also be true that the ipl devices require more training and have more variables involved with their use and this is why there isn't agreement amongst doctors? Just some thoughts.....and anyone who can contribute to answering or commenting on these 3 questions, you're awesome (especially if you know the answers);)

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    Default I can't comment on lasers but...

    I can't comment on lasers but- I will say that recently p&ps were the one thing that were bothering me about my rosacea- they seem to be like little markers of where my face is at.

    I switched up my diet and this made major changes in how they were operating.

    I also quit caffeine now recently- no green tea no nothing!

    I am convinced that in my case the veins were expanding due to foods and my intolerance of them. I am currently going through major changes in my gut/stomach. It honestly feels as if the less bloated my stomach is the more cooler my face is.... which in turn means less p&ps- I am starting to think a lot of my troubles are greatly reduced with a strict diet.

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    I agree that there are many factors that can influence the pps, especially diet. Alcohol, caffeine. And sugar are definitely triggers. However, I want to not have to worry so much about triggers, and I know that this can be done with the right rotund and with efficient laser treatment.

    My rosacea was near perfect but I felt that I was too pale with the laser destroying the blood vessels, the metro gel constricting the blood vessels, and the zinc of my moisturizer sunblock making melki like Casper the ghost. For that reason I started to get small amounts of sun to try to have some color. I recently sunburned by mistake in Hawaii (was very stupid of me) and now my pps are really bad. I've since realized that combining my daily moisturizer sunblock with a tinted sunblock gives my skin a more normal looking appearance and gets rid of the ghost look. I know that either ipl or vbeam along with my current regimen will get me to where I want to be, but I hate wasting time and money and wanted some perspective on the most optimal treatment for pps with regards to ill vs vbeam.

    Also, I've found that the best routine involves washing face with alveeno ultra calming foam. Using metro gel and 40 mg doxycycline. Make sure you use metro gel right before any potential triggers (such as alcohol consumption) to decrease symptoms and allow for a more normal life. I use Olay daily moisturizer/ sensitive skin mixed with neutropenia light tint SPF 30 sunblock moisturizer for proper skin tone over the metro gel once it has dried. Have ill or vbeam done by an experienced dermatologist. You'll need at least a few, and don't expect the results until 4-6 weeks after your last treatment. Avoid triggers as best as possible for 7-10 days after treatment to avoid angioneogenesis. I truly feel that this regimen will significantly reduce anyone's rosacea. That bein said, you will have to avoid major triggers, for example, I can't take a steam shower or drink coffee. However, if determined enough to do these things, just do them for a week and then have an aggressive ipl or vbeam treatment to zap whatever abnormal blood vessels or pps are present and this will decrease the symptoms. You may have to do this every few years.

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