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Thread: Do you think I have rosacea? (Going to GP or dermatologist soon, too.)

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    Default Do you think I have rosacea? (Going to GP or dermatologist soon, too.)

    I've experienced a number of changes this year. I'm going to provide as much info as I can. Firstly, I am 22 years old, of mostly Caucasian background. I am a quarter Mexican. My skin has (had?) an olive tone.

    I slowly gained probably 15 pounds after being put on an antidepressant/antipsychotic combo in February. I was slightly underweight to begin with, but I was always that way and felt it was part of who I was -- at least, when I realized I was thin. Most of the time, I was very body dysmorphic. I had been dealing with anorexia&bulimia on-and-off since I was 15. The past 2 years have been VERY rough for me in that regard. The eating disorder consumed my life. After being put on the antidepressant/antipsychotic combo, I thought I was binging a lot less, but maybe I was still binging but didn't see it that way. Maybe it became "overeating." I really don't know. I became MUCH more relaxed about my food choices. I started eating fast food instead of the big salads, beans, and whole grains I ate before. And I started a very strange habit that I stopped in May. I remember craving something sweet but having nothing sweet in the house except for pure sugar. After that, I'd start eating a couple full bowls of SUGAR on occasion. I really don't know how I rationalized that. Even more strangely, the weight gain didn't bother me all THAT much until early this summer. I began to ruminate about how much the antidepressants changed me for worse. I was direly unhealthy, my grades were slipping (A+s to B+s), and I suffered from even more lethargy than before -- though I didn't feel as depressed. I started idealizing the thin body I used to have, and I went off of antidepressants almost cold-turkey. I didn't feel like anything changed after going off of them.

    However, something new has developed in the past ~3 weeks.
    ~3 weeks ago, I remember pulling an all-nighter -- and I mean all-nighter -- working on several (college) assignments that were due the same day. Due to forces beyond my control, I had to procrastinate until almost the very last minute. I got through the night with a canned Starbucks drink. The next morning, after I showered, I noticed I was very red mid-face, in the cheeks and nose. I was immediately reminded of the very severe sunburn I got mid-July. I had gone to a festival all day. I put on makeup that day that contains SPF 15 and realized that probably wouldn't suffice after I had run out the door, but I figured if I got burned, it wouldn't be too bad. (I've only gotten like 1 noticeable sunburn once before in my life, as a preteen at the beach.) When I got home around 5:30 PM, I noticed that I was very red. The next morning, I did not recognize myself. My entire face was swollen. My nose seemed like it was at least twice as big. I wasn't even that red -- I was more pink -- but monstrous looking. I remember calling my best friends and parents and crying my eyes out, wondering whether I "ruined my face." The day after that, I peeled. The skin that peeled was dark and leathery. The skin underneath was quite red. Eventually, things improved, but I felt like I still noticed a lingering redness. I remember googling, "permanent sunburn." I stopped noticing that after awhile. I felt OK about my appearance again. That is, until about ~3 weeks ago.

    The next day after the initial post-insomnia redness, after I got a full 8 hours' sleep, I felt like things improved a little, but I was still very nervous about slight pinkness. It seemed to go away except on maybe a few occasions throughout the 3 weeks -- it'd either be after a shower or after exercising. The redness would last several hours. It really was just in my cheeks and nose.

    I've been noticing this trend again the past ~4 days or so? It didn't seem too bad. The redness seemed to go away an hour after showering instead of several hours. But on Saturday night, I noticed that a non-red bump was forming between my eyes. I figured it was a (rare for me) pimple forming. The next day, it was larger and RED. There was a smaller red bump on my nose, and my whole nose seemed redder than before. Yesterday, my entire face seemed like it was faintly red all day, and I noticed a couple new small pimple-like bumps (one on my chin, two on my forehead). Note that I very rarely break-out. Today, I saw no improvements. The bump between my eyes is very large--almost like a bug bite--and shows no sign of coming to a head. Interestingly, exactly 1 year ago I remember developing two of these same sort of bumps. I think one was between my eyes and the other on my cheek. I honestly thought they were bug bites for the longest time. They took forever to go away. I thought I remember them eventually coming to a head, but I may be wrong. I DIDN'T have any redness on the cheeks or nose then.

    Maybe I will post a picture of my face come tomorrow.

    Could it have been the severe sunburn in July that caused it? What about yeast infections/antibiotic use? I had never experienced a yeast infection or BV in my life until late August, after I became intimate with a new partner (sorry if TMI). I was treated for a UTI and a yeast infection simultaneously by a doctor at an urgent care clinic. After a brief period of relief, I had symptoms again. My gyn gave me a higher dosage of a med for yeast infections. A month after, I'm experiencing symptoms again. I return to my gyn and am told I have BV and another UTI. I have to take several more courses of antibiotics. Then, a couple weeks ago, I feel another yeast infection coming on, and I treat it myself. OK, THAT area seems good now that I am less "active" (sadly). But I wonder if the drugs I was taking and the yeast contributed to my possible rosacea?!

    And, should I see a GP or a dermatologist first??

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    hi maidez,

    Couple bowls of sugar? Might consider sugar and carbohydrate as causing this issue. The Starbucks drink is loaded with sugar. For more info on sugar avoidance:

    You should get a diagnosis of your skin condition, so see the dermatologist and then also see the GP if there are gut issues. There is a connection with the gut and rosacea, some say:
    Brady Barrows
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