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    So I was diagnosed with rosacea at age 34 and I am now 38. When I first started to experience problems I just thought it was hormonal issues. My skin had break outs and became itchy. No matter what I tried nothing worked. Then it became super sensitive to everything that touched it. It felt as if acid was being poured on my face. I finally broke down and saw a dermatologist and was told its rosacea. He gave me prescription meds and told me to use cetaphil or unscented dove. I did....and still had major issues. After trial and error on many products I realized it's the man made products that were hurting my skin. SO I started searching the internet for homemade natural products that were good for my skin and body. I found that cutting out as many man made products out of my lifestyle has made a huge difference. I know that making your own products can be time consuming but putting a little effort in the beginning saves a lot of frustration in the future against flare ups. Here's what I discovered that works best for me. 1: I found out what trigger foods I should avoid. Unfortunately for me it's acidic stuff like tomatoes and citrus fruit, coffee, and other hot beverages. I love all those things and only have them sparingly know full well it might cause flare up. 2: I cut as many man made products out of my lifestyle. I use products from Desert Essence, One with Nature, and all natural oils like Argon, Sweet almond, and Jojoba oil. I also switched from store bought deodorant to making my own with bees wax , corn starch, baking soda, and one of the natural oils. I cut out hair products like hair spray, or styling stuff. I've learned to embrace my straight hair. Besides what man doesn't like to run their fingers through soft natural hair that's not gooped up. 3: I stay out of the sun as much as possible. I know not everyone can but it's important to use sunscreen. Mass market sunscreen sets my skin off so I bought stuff off the internet that's natural and has minimal ingredients. 4: The key there is use products with minimal ingredients and all natural if possible. 5: I do wear makeup but very little and not to often. It's ok to let your skin breath. Maybe just concentrate on eye makeup and leave the rest alone. I hope this helps anyone that has suffered like I have. It's taken years for me to find a relief for my skin without using expensive prescriptions or harmful products. I'd also like to mention Dr Bronner's makes a great cleaner called Sal Suds that cleans everything including clothes that doesn't irritate my skin. They also make a skin balm and I use the unscented on my face at night and also on my hair a few times a week as conditioning treatment. It's all natural, absorbed well, and leaves skin soft and not irritated.

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    Nice of you to post what worked for you. Glad it helped!
    "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
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    I also had a negative lifestyle before.. I suggest that you go out with virtuous people more often. That will make you realize many things about life and you won't notice you're already changing your lifestyle.

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