Hi guys
Just thought id let others know about my experience with zinc as it might help someone else...
I started taking 25mg daily as a supplement about a week ago thinking it could only help, I had read no reports that it had caused any worsening for anyone. I used it daily for 3 days and my skin just went crazy. I was soooo flushed, even ice compresses were not helping. My cheeks felt so inflammed and sore and I broke out badly in papules on my cheeks and nose, which is unusual for me. I didnt link it to the zinc to start with as it was so unexpected that zinc could be the culprit. However, 2 days without it and my skin is healing again. I have not flushed today (thank goodness) and the papules and marks are slowly starting to heal.
Just thought I'd let others know in case someone else has a similar reaction.