Hi, so I have pretty mild papulopustular rosacea, just a handful of spots and a bit of redness. I haven't been to a doctor or dermatologist, I just keep some prosacea on hand and try not to aggravate my skin. I just find it kind of weird, my skin wasn't sensitive at all in high school and I rarely got breakouts. But once when I was about eighteen I got guttate psoriasis from having strepthroat (I think I've had strepthroat about three times). Once that went away I started getting cystic acne on my back and a bit on my chin and nose as well as the rosacea pustules. I can only remember one time before all this that I had pustules, it was during a time when I was getting a lot of sun (which seems to aggravate it for me now), and they were sooo small and only on my nose that I barely noticed or realized what they were. So anyway, is it a coincidence that the rosacea started flaring up now or are those three conditions related? Is anyone else in a similar situation? Is it possible that I'll outgrow it or that it's something I'm doing/using? Should I be worried?... I'm not really looking for any specific information, and certainly not a miracle cure, but if anyone has any comments or experience I'd like to hear it!