Most days I wake up with a swollen face. On the very rare occasion that the swelling subsides I have really defined cheek bones. It's bizzare im only 20 years old. I cant help but think its something to do with lymph drainage as sometimes if I only sleep for say 4 hours I wake up with a slim face. But then I tried doing this for a few days at a time and it just goes back to normal?

I use to just think it was flushing related but I remember a time not long ago (day after drinking a lot of alcohol) that I woke up with red burning skin (not sunburn either) but absolutely no swelling and a thin face?!? And that happens now and again.

Without sounding cocky when my face has no swelling and is slim I get ALOT of looks from girls. Like I said I don't want to sound cocky but im just shocked as I can go from having not one recognition from a girl to having literally 100's? How bizzare?!

Anyway does anyone have any ideas? Currently on a 1 day fast to see if its a food allergy or salt related.

Thanks for your time