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Thread: Trying to eat less processed foods?

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    Default Trying to eat less processed foods?

    I've tried changing my diet, which I do eat quite well - but still my SD is there, the redness... It's stubborn and won't go away.

    I've gone for a blood test for allergies, and the results came back with no allergies so back to the drawing board.

    Personally, this is going to be difficult for me and would like to get some advice, suggestion as my main issue is my depression that I find hard to stay/eat positive. That's my challenge.

    I've decided to eat as much unprocessed foods as I can, but I have a hard time with finding what to eat with the right nutritional values and calories. (I have a very fast metabolism so I'd like to gain weight)

    I'd like to take gluten out also, but gluten free products is quite expensive for my budget.

    When I'm out, I have no idea what to eat. All I can think of is sushi and salad.

    Basically I'm going to eat fruits, veggies, eggs, nuts, meats, rice, pasta, fish... Anything to add or remove from this?

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    I forgot to ask - is this the only way to go in terms of diet? If I'm not allergic to any foods, then why would having unprocessed foods make a difference? I don't understand

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    You have to learn to read labels. When I read a label of ingredients and it has words I've never heard before, I will put it back. I need to know what type of food I am putting into my body. You will get better at it the longer you do it. And you'll be surprised at some of the things you thought we healthy, really aren't. Good luck. I stopped eating processed sugars and foods and have never felt better in my life. Once that crap is out of your system, you'll feel like a completely different person.

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