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Thread: zz cream - so scared my face is ruined forever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aafdup View Post
    ZZ cream is useless for type 1 and seb derm, I assume?
    Fixed my 'Type 2' and Seb Derm. Read the leaflet here -
    How I was cured from Demodectic / Demodex Rosacea (Types 1 & 2 & nearing 3), Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Eczema

    Got a smartphone? Then please post a non-revealing pic of your face/skin to, instead of using walls of text to describe it to us. It may be the best thing you've ever done!

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    There was an initial theory that zhongzhou cream and soolantra cream would mainly help type 2 rosacea (pustules/papules) because it was this type of rosacea that was mainly caused by demodex mites. However, the emerging research from Professor Frank Powell in Dublin is now that demodex mites are also important to causing type 1 rosacea (redness/broken veins etc). The research also reflects my own experience - I've found zhongzhou and soolantra cream helpful for type 1 rosacea - e.g. on the ears where type 2 rosacea is unusual.

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