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Thread: I think I cured my "rosacea"

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    Wink I think I cured my "rosacea"

    My WHOLE story, bear with me: Just after I gave birth to my first child I got a terrible MRSA infection and had to go on very strong antibiotics. When my daughter was about 9 months old, my face became terribly ruddy/red and I had bumps all over. That was over 3 years ago. My dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea. I imagined it was related to my hormones (pregnancy, birth, breast feeding, etc.). I didn't have flushing, but a constant redness and bumps covering my face. It was so bad, that at some point the bumps practically created an even layer over my skin and if I covered the redness with heavy make-up I almost looked acceptable. My derm prescribed finacea and oracea. I chickened out on the oracea after about a month. I wasn't comfortable being on a long term antibiotic. The finacea didn't help and I only used it occasionally.

    I have spent the last year treating myself. Everything I did helped improve my skin a little bit. I went for monthly microdermabrasion and when I couldn't afford it anymore I did my own monthly lactic acid peels. I started using a homeopathic remedy (by Native Remedies) called Skin Dr. At this point I started using Finacea again and felt that it, combined with the homeopathy, was making more of a difference. I altered my diet by eliminating processed foods including rice and pasta. This all helped my skin somewhat, but now for the big cure: I am taking Candigone and probiotics to treat Candida. It turns out, my rosacea is really (I believe) a candida symptom. I now believe that being on such a strong antibiotic after my daughter was born created a yeast overgrowth in my system. My skin, which had been steadily improving with the other treatments but still was pretty ugh, has improved 90% by taking anti-Candida herbs and probiotics (I also cut out all sugar and most gluten). Additionally, so many symptoms that I had attributed to just being my new normal after becoming a mom have resolved: fatigue, hemorrhoids, moodiness, anxiety, plus a decades old sinus condition, post-nasal drip, bad breath, etc. It has really been a miracle for me. I am continuing the peels to help with scarring. Now, I'm not sure if all rosacea is related to Candida or if it is sometimes just misdiagnosed, but it is definitely worth exploring. Good luck and please contact me with your results if you do try to treat your rosacea as Candida.
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