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Thread: Mirvaso has been approved by the FDA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davekelly View Post
    But using it once or twice a month would hardly do that . Again back to everything in moderation

    Until I get my hands on it and dilute to half strength I wont really know .

    And this is how I would dilute it .

    I would just empty the whole tube of Mirvaso into a Jar and then empty the same amount of moisturiser into the same jar then I would stir it for a while and put a lid on it .

    Hey presto we have half strength Mirvaso .
    I did this the other day because I was had a big flush and I was giving a big presentation and needed the redness gone. Makeup was not covering it.

    The only difference was that I just sort of mixed the two in the palm of my hand. The moisturizer I used was Even Advanced.

    So the redness did go down but not all the way. Full strength Mirvaso would make me look like I never had rosacea. Diluted strength left me a little rosy cheeked but more normal looking.

    I used a pea sized dot of Mirvaso and a lot more moisturizer. If I just use straight Mirvaso I need two or three times that to evenly cover the face. So the mixture was either half strength or 1/3 the strength.

    I STILL GOT A REBOUND FLUSH late that night however it was very mild in comparison and was gone by morning.

    Don't want to use Mirvaso regularly because I have no idea if long term it makes things worse. But if anyone was curious about an experiment, you got it. If I do need a quick fix again I will just dilute the stuff.

    Oh, another thing. You gotta leave this stuff on for a long time before putting anything else on your face. Minimum 30 minutes before applying makeup or sunscreen. Otherwise you get patchy and incomplete paleness.
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    I had a horrible experience with this cream. As others have stated, it left white blotchy areas on my skin. Do not use!!!

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