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Thread: daylight was basically all i needed to clear up my seborrheic dermatitis

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    So if you have a combo of Seb derm and rosacea would going out in the sun be a bad idea.
    I know the sun is a big no no for anyone with rosacea type 1

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    Default Sun helps me as well

    Just wanted to confirm that sun improves my SD as well. Year after year I see this effect during summers and sunny vacations. Of course, like other people mentioned, there could be other variables as well that are correlated with sun exposure. When it is warmer, one tends to sweat more, to spend more time outdoors, to be more active. Also the saturated fats in the pores of skin become more fluid and perhaps are eliminated faster?

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    Default Also helped by sunlight, UV bulb is working in winter.

    Hello fellow SD sufferers, I have suspected for a while now that sun was improving my SD. I'm originally from the upper Midwest and it always got much worse during winter. I moved to California and it went away entirely after spending time outside every day. I moved to Florida and spent less time outside and it came back a little, but not as bad as it is in the winter.

    Moved back to my home state, and it came back with a vengeance. I worked overnights all summer so I didn't even see the sun this summer, it was the worst it's ever been. I found this thread back in November and decided to try to find a way to get UV light without going outside (I'm a baby and going out with no hat on for 10 minutes a day is just not happening for me when it's 5 outside).

    I ordered a UVB bulb meant for reptile cages off of Amazon, and it totally works! I had a giant red spot at the edge of my hairline that was horribly unsightly and it's entirely gone now. My head isn't itchy, and I'm not bleeding when I do have an itch. I haven't even used it that much, like once a week for 10-15 minutes.

    I wouldn't use it much more than that since obviously UV light isn't great for us. I got tanning goggles to wear because the bulb is really bright and gives me a headache without them and I wear long sleeves and pants to try to keep it off as much skin as possible, but man is it nice to have a clean scalp!

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