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Thread: Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, rosacea, so many problems!

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    Default Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, rosacea, so many problems!

    Hello! About 2 or 3 months ago, I was diagnosed with rosacea. It began out of the blue for some reason recently, probably beginning around 6 months ago and becoming actually noticeable 3-4. I have been on a rosacea diet of fruits, veggies, whole-grains, and nuts since around late may 2013. My dermatologist perscribed me finacea, Clindamycin, face washes, and doxycycline halctate (or however you spell that). The sumadan face wash she first prescribed me irritated my face to much, so I had to switch to the gentler Cetaphil. I use a small amount of finacea every other day on my whole face, same with Clindamycin for spot treatment (I am 14 and I do get the occasional teenage pimple). However, to my disappointment, I have still had very little improvement of my condition. They say it is mild, with only slight pink blushing, but in my eyes it makes me highly un-attractive compared to my beautiful looking friends. Not only that, but about a week or so ago we also learned I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis that in turn caused hypothyroidism. My TSH levels were about 6.1 and my thyroid-attacking antibodies were 300+ for one and about 33 for the other. Both were supposed to be under 28. So my dermatologist perscribed me levothyroxine to replace my thyroid hormone. I am very worried about this all though because I have read that synthetic thyroid hormone replacements can inflame rosacea. Is this true? I believe I was prescribed 75mg. Will taking it make my rosacea worse? What caused my rosacea at such a young age? Can it go away because I am still so young? All of this has drastically affected my self esteem. I often cry over it and have gone into such a state of emotional chaos that my parents even sent me to a therapist and have admitted they were very worried about me, and I have also started retreating from most all social events and hardly look forward to seeing my freinds anymore, as well as being terrified to go back to school. Does anyone know how to stop and reverse all this? What will the thyroid drug do to my face? Please help, I am desperate to have a chance at being a normal teenager, at least for a short time! I never even got to experience boyfriends or teenage drama or homecoming, prom, romance, or any thrill of just being a teen at all and it's really bringing me down! *cry*

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    Default Rosacea and Hashimotos

    Hi Birdkid! I hope you are still around on this forum
    And have discovered some answers/ solutions. You asked
    A lot of good questions. Your thyroid condition most
    Definitely can cause rosacea. I also have hashimotos
    Thyroid. The inflammation and autoimmune attack on
    Your thyroid unfortunately causes hormonal and chemical
    Reactions in your body that can affect the way the entire
    Body operates. If you are still here, please check out
    Mary Shoman's website and her books. She is a journalist
    Hashimotos advocate that has brought thyroid treatment
    To the forefront of the medical community. Saying that,
    It is still very difficult to find an endocrinologist that is
    Willing to experiment and " go out of the conventional
    Box" to treat the disease. On her site, she has a section
    Devoted to recommended doctors as suggested by thyroid
    Patients across the country. Many people find relief under the
    Care of integrative medicine doctors or naturopathic Doctors.

    One of the things that I torturously found out on my own: diet
    And hashimotos are intimately related. There is something
    Called goitrogenic (spelling?) foods that can severely
    Affect hashimotos: soy, kale, spinach, gluten. Especially

    If you are still around and need more info, PM me. So sorry
    I did not see this post before. Hope you are better. Best, birdie

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