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Thread: How do I gain confidence with rosacea? Please respond

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    Default How do I gain confidence with rosacea? Please respond

    I am a 17 year old male that was diagnosed with rosacea at 15, as was my twin brother. I have a pinkish red about the cheeks and nose, developing into a deeper red on the lower cheeks. My brother, however, has it worse than me, with his face being a deep red (not pink, RED) 24/7. We have tried just about everything (metro gel, finacea, etc. ) with no success. My bro had an IPL done recently, but it had no effect on his redness.

    We have been to only one derm, and as soon as we developed redness she said it was rosacea right off the bat. I think this is mostly due to my mom having rosacea, even though she only showed signs in her 30's. Sometimes I wonder if our redness could be something else, especially since we've never had any 'formal' tests done.

    But back to the title, how am I supposed to have confidence with this esteem crushing disease? I've never even had confidence in the first place, thanks to my horrendous acne that I battled ealier in my teenage years (which I had to take Accutane for), and now this. I thought clearing my acne up was the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'll be damned if I couldn't have been more wrong.

    I've read about all the cliche bs like 'find yourself first' and 'look past appearances', but at the end of the day, my face is still beet red and there is nothing I can do about it. I envy all you rosaceaners that developed symptoms later in life. I'm supposed to be entering the prime of my attractiveness and sexuality, and all I have to show for is the Chinese flag painted on my face (bad joke). I hate looking in the mirror because the redness is all I see. And the biggest thing that gets me down is what if. What if I didn't have this sad excuse for a face, what if I was a normal god damned person? Well that was a tad dramatic, but our get my point.

    I've been working out recently to put on muscle, and thusly, gain some self esteem. I've put on considerable size, but have A TON of stretch marks to go with it. I mean my skin is so bad, scientists should study it and figure out how exactly one human could have acquired so many ugly skin problems.

    As far as the ladies go, well, you could find more women in the Sahara desert than you could find women attracted to my oversized-tomato head. At this point, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to invest in a psychologist rather than a dermatologist.

    Anyways thanks for reading this far, I know it was rather long. PLEASE post any advice/tips/whatever or do like me and just vent. Have a fabulous day.

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    Default Hang in there man

    Try messing around with your diet. if you can lessen the redness some like that you will also start feeling better and it could push you in the right direction. I am 29 years old and have this problem you have. It has gotten much better in the last 10 years. Don't get down-find a solution and push through.

    Having bad skin is not the end of the world. I too have felt so down sometimes-however-I have pushed through and searched for answers and it has made me look at life differently.

    Confidence and a good ego trumps everything. You want to get the ladies- be sensitive and confident at the same time. Fact.

    Good luck man- go easy with creams and such in my opinion-less is more. Also, diet is huge for me, didn't know that at your age.


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    Please look in to low level red light therapy. If you're getting diagnosed at that age, you likely have a severe case in the making. LLRLT can help you control your flushing, redness and (hopefully you don't have this much) burning sensations, and help impeded the progression of the disease.

    Feel free to PM me.


    35 year-old male
    Erythmatotelangiectatic rosacea & Ocular
    20 + laser treatments.
    Toleraine Soothing Light Facial Fluid for moisturizer. I don't use a special cleanser. Clonidine daily; klonopin sometimes.
    BEST and CURRENT TREATMENT I use: Low-Level Red Light Therapy LED array.
    Please feel free to PM me with your low-level red light therapy (LLRLT) questions. I'm happy to help if I can.

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