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Thread: Honey Treatment reverse effect?

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    Default Honey Treatment reverse effect?

    Just wondering if anybody has had the same problem as me? I started the honey treatment maybe 2 weeks ago. I have been leaving it on for about 3 hours a day and it had worked wonders up until about 3 days ago. My redness on my cheeks has started to slowly come back but before that my whole face was my normal skin color for the first time in forever. My skin is still very soft but I have been having alittle breakout on my forhead. I don't have any scaling or flakes just redness on my nose and under eyes. I also just started a new job and I have been out in the sun so maybe that also has something to do with it, but when I wake up in the morning the redness is really not that bad. Just wondering if this is the normal procedure from the honey mask or was this just a temporary fix where I got my hopes up? Hope somebody can help.....

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    It might be that everyday is excessive. The study which used this treatment was every other day. The honey could be causing you to breakout as it can be successful with treating acne. For it to be successful you should notice an initial breakout in the first few weeks at least. I would go down to every other day and continue until you are done your one month, then try just the once a week maintenance after that.

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    Since it is not confirmed you are treating yeast ( the many candida and Malassezia species). Mine is confirmed and if you treat it with topicals that it does not like, meaning it is working they come out of hiding and you may be removing their protective biofilm. Sometimes the biofilms have bacteria mixed in with their friends the yeast beasts. So it could be part of the die off effect. Looking worse sometime is a sign of killing the bad stuff on your face and it makes them mad. I have been having this happen over and over. I have a serious mycosis and it will take a while to get to the real skin and rid of the yeast working with my gut/diet oral med's and topicals. I don't think there is a good understand about fungus but you don't want it to just heal over it has to come out and off to be rid of it. This is my opinion and experience.

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    Hi. I've been reading a lot in this forum. I hope we all can improve our SD and skin issues. I'll try to contribute with my experience too. My English isn't very good but I'll do my best.

    This is my case: I have SD , oily and redness skin with occasional acne. I have those skin problems for years trying diets and other stuff with no success.
    Now, I've been doing the raw honey mask every other day/3 hours for 2 weeks, using virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser and also eating it (like a tablespoon/day). I'm doing a AHA peeling now and then, and using a glycolic acid cream twice a day. The AHA acids have helped me a lot, and my skin stand it well, so I think it's a good combination with the honey treatment because the skin is more clean and the honey can fight deeper and easily versus the fungus/bacterias, that's what I think at least. also My skin improved with a better texture and less redness. I was happy with the results. Then I did a pause for 3 weeks due to a holidays trip (but I keep washing my face with honey two times every day). I went to beach some days and one day I wake up with a forehead breakout (a lot of pimples).
    After the trip, I returned to the raw honey treatment + coconut. At night my skin started to itch a lot. Then suddenly after a week my face was full of pimples. Very frustrating. I have eliminated the coconut (from diet and as moisturiser) in case that it plug my pores because eating or applying it or whatever.

    Now the pimples seems to be going slowly. I don't know if it's the worse before being better syndrome or what, but It's annoying when we don't have idea of what's going on in our skin. I think I'll try later again with coconut in just a little zone of my face to see if pimples show up again there, but I'm not sure.

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    Well I've never been to a derm before so I kind of diagnosed myself with rosacea or seb derm. I don't have any scales or flakes and it does not itch or burn at all. It is just redness under my eyes and on my nose. It is weird though when I take a colder shower the redness completely fades and then starts to creep back to a shade of pink in about 30 minutes. My face sometimes gets dry if I use hotter water and also feels tight. I do live in Florida and then the sun is always out and I never wear sunscreen. I can see tiny little red veins though on my nose and under my eyes I also have pores on my nose and cheeks as well. In my beard when I shave though I can see those waxy plugs so I'm not sure if that is seb derm or what. The redness doesn't keep me indoors or have any effect on my social life at all I mean it just looks like I have a sunburn. I do however wish that the redness would go away and I was thinking about maybe getting IPL done but I'm not sure yet. I just wish my skin would look like it did last week because it was perfect and normal.

    That is the link to my pics tell me what you guys think.

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