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Thread: Light Therapy Red/Blue/Yellow etc

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    Default Starting LED therapy soon

    I'm glad to see that some people have had good results with this kind of therapy. I ordered a set that was shipped out today so that I can try it myself. I don't get pustules, but have general redness and occassional flushing. Flushing reduced to almost nothing after about a month on the paleo diet. I feel so much better, but now would love to look more like I used to look too.

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    Default What brand device do you use?

    Wondering what kind of device you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by IowaDavid View Post
    I use my RLT unit several times a week and as I have said in the past, it's simply the best therapy I've found to treat my subtype 1 (hardcore flusher/blusher) rosacea.

    I use red light. I haven't seen any good evidence that yellow light is of any benefit for us. I don't trust infrared light for rosacea, either, as it can exacerbate our symptoms in ways visible red doesn't.

    PM me if you like, but I'd encourage anyone who's "stuck" on this pathetic merry-go-round of oral antibiotics and topical creams to give RLT a try. We just don't have any very good, selective medications, at the moment, to stop flushing. And that's what's at the heart of most rosacea cases. Red light therapy has substantially reduced my flushing, redness and pain symptoms and I haven't found this level of symptom control in other therapies. There's no comparison.

    If you search through some reports of negative experiences, it's important to find out a) what device a person was using, b) what kind of light it produced, c) what their subtype of rosacea is, d) if they have any unusually sensitive skin symptoms (as to light, fluorescent lights, etc.). There appears to still be a lot of confusion out there about how best to use low-level light therapy and also confusion because people are comparing apples to oranges (for light therapies and devices) and are, understandably, reluctant to try something they think will harm their skin. (RLT, by the way, has been nothing but extremely gentle to my skin.)

    Just my 2 cents on the matter.



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    Quote Originally Posted by boop04 View Post
    Wondering what kind of device you use?
    IowaDavid used his own device, a device he built himself. After experiencing the benefits of Red Light Therapy, he started manufacturing and selling his device. This is his website:

    Sadly, IowaDavid passed away last year, so I'm not sure if you'll be able to get your hands on one of his devices. Good luck.

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