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Thread: Could anyone offer suggestions on how to find Rosacea suffererers in Western New York

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    Lightbulb Could anyone offer suggestions on how to find Rosacea suffererers in Western New York

    I have a friend who is a Rosacea sufferer and a tinkerer. He suffers enough that he got sick and tired of treating it the steroidal route and every other conventional treatment that just eases everything until the next flare up. As I said, he was a tinkerer and he put together a safe, all natural, topical non steroidal ointment that has made his condition better than it has ever been, and he has done it without steroids.
    We promise the editors of this forum that we are not looking to sell anything ever on this site. We want to give away some free ointment for Rosacea sufferers to see if the results are as compelling as we have preliminarily seen. I have tried it, my wife has tried it and a number of other people who are non sufferers, and to the person they are all happy with whatever results they get. This was important for us to try to get an idea if this could possibly cause irritation and so far, there have been no complaints. The nice thing about this ointment is that a very little bit goes a long way.
    I repeat, our reason for posting is not a commercial endeavor, we are trying to find out if something that we've created can help people who have this problem and nothing else. We are people who know of your suffering and would like an opportunity to give you something for free to see if it helps..
    We are making available a free 2 week sample. 2 weeks may not sound like much, but the results that we personally realized took no where near that long. We know however that everyone is different.
    Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to make some free product available on a case by case basis depending on the need of the individual. We want to help as much and as many we can..
    We hope that some of you take us seriously because the worst that can happen is nothing, and the best... well you know what that is.
    I will leave it up to the editors if I warrant further access to this site. I felt that making this post on this site was a logical choice and I promise once again to deal strictly with providing free samples to those who'd like to try it and never anything else.
    John G.
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    i hope you understand my wariness but over the years this forum has been targeted my people wanting to take advantage of our members. We do not allow advertising on this site and whilst you are offering free samples initially that of course won't last forever.

    May I ask what the ingredients are in this product and how many rosaceans has it been tried on and helped? From what you say you aren't a rosacea sufferer yourself?

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