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Thread: Please please help! I'm desperate for advice!

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    You are cute, don't worry. That does not seem seborrheic dermatitis for me; of course, I'm not a doctor, but we usually incur in a fallacy of authority in believing blindly on the authority of the specialists. From what you've said, it seems to be Subtype 1 of rosacea, everything corresponds to the symptoms. However, I have rosacea, but I don't remember having the symptoms of spontaneous flushing caused by any trigger; my skin have always been sensitive and my cheeks red. My dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea a few weeks ago, but I did not have the chance to answer too many questions...or doing my own questions, like you. Why don't you ask your doctor to make you a biopsy, skin scraping or whatever to make a most reliable diagnosis?
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    Default Thanks guys ...

    Thanks for your reply's guys. I'll let yo know if I have any luck. Hope things are going ok for you at the moment.

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