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Thread: How do you wash your face?

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    Default How do you wash your face?

    I 'am just interested how people wash their face in morning and evening I have a shower every morning before work from today I will stop washing my face in the hot shower as I think it brings on my redness. I will now have a shave and wash at night I use Dermol cream as a soap I will keep you informed of the results. For the record i'am taking Trimethoprim tablets one aday and Nizoral cream. i'am also waiting for IPL Therapy on the NHS no appointment yet.

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    I try to keep my face out of the warm water in the shower. I use cool water in the bathroom sink. It took a while to get use to but now the cool water on my warm face feels amazing. Also I got really soft microcloths used to was cars and baby washcloths for my face. Regular ones are to harsh and I don't wipe my face dry, I pat it. For soap I use tto soap.

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    I stopped washing my face in the shower because the water was usually too hot. Washing in the sink takes some getting used to, but lukewarm is much better and doesn't exacerbate the redness. I also got some soft washcloths and use that as well because it seems to help remove sunscreen and whatnot without being agressive.
    Don't use the derm's compound-cleanser anymore because it was just to harsh. Been using the Olay foaming face wash without any problems for over a year. Stopped shaving everyday, which also helps.

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    I avoid washing my face in the shower ( I keep the water as cool as I find comfortable ).

    i tend to wash my face just by splashing over tepid water and then gently patting my face dry. In the morning I put on simple moisturiser but after the evening wash I leave it bare. That's it. I find this works well for me and stops it getting too greasy.

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    As others have said washing with room temperature to cool (not cold) water is best (for me). I wash first thing in the AM (with Eucerin gentle redness relief cleanser and water) and moisturize and then again after my morning workout and then again when I get home in the evening. I always moisturize after I cleanse my face because I have very dry skin.
    I never wash in the shower as the water would be too warm.

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