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Thread: relationships ruined

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    Default relationships ruined

    Im a highschool male, but I've been diagnosed with Rosacea since 6th grade. To put it in simple terms it has ruined parts of my teenage and love life. I've always had the nickname 'marinara' due to my face being so red. I now sorta have it under control but it always comes back especially in school due to the lighting. Rosacea has robbed me of many pleasures suh as basketball, which always helped me cope whenever a girl rejected me (gee I wonder for what reason, whem I see her next boyfriend being some stupid pothead, but nonetheless a perfect face). It has gotten so bad for me it has become second nature for me to not look at any woman in the eye when speaking for fear or embarassment due to my rosacea. I've been a whoppig 0-9 in my life when it comes to asking a girl out. It sucks when every weekend all my pals talk about their dates or their girlfriends and when they ask me thy know what I did...stay indoors with no date. So I can't work out and improve my body nor play basketball to help cope with my rosacea. Basically what I'm trying to ask is that is their some glimmer of hope that I can actually get a girl I like? Please bring any tips or advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello. I am so sorry you are struggling with this. How old are you?

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    Does working out/sports permanently make your Rosacea worse?

    I know my face gets really red after an intense workout due to the increased blood flow, but that's pretty common if you look at most people at the gym. It returns to normal a couple hours later though. I'm not gonna let the sickness stop me from improving my body and neither should you.

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    Default Hey friend

    Well what are you currently doing for the rosacea? I may have missed this... sorry if I did.

    As far as girls and looks the first thing you have to do is realize looks do not always get the girls... but confidence... and we feel confident when were healthy. What kind of food are you eating? Any exercise?

    What girls really like is the guy that goes after his dreams!

    What are your dreams and goals? Any hobbies?

    Hope your not getting too down-as it will not help. It's okay to feel down but work through it. Keep a journal.

    As for me, I am 29 years old, and actually I was around some high school students the other day at the community pool. I was watching how they acted- I realized one thing- Stand up for yourself-don't get rattled. THERE IS A LOT OF NEGATIVE stuff going on in high school if your in the wrong crowd.

    Find the right crowd-and with the rest- Forget about em. There going nowhere fast my friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by togaman1304 View Post
    I've been a whoppig 0-9 in my life when it comes to asking a girl out.
    I didn't have a single date in high school - even though there were cute girls I knew were attracted to me, I was too shy due to flushing. I even graduated early just to avoid further humiliation.

    I didn't really come into my own until my early 30's, and after a flurry of dating, ended up marrying Ms Popular - the head cheerleader from her own high school. I'm proof there is hope.

    1,000mg Solgar MSM
    25mg diphenhydramine
    Rosacea Care moisturizer, tinted ZincO
    I avoid multi-vitamins and most other high-dose vitamins and supplements, oil-based supplements (like omega 3/6, A, and E), nitrite preservatives, sugar, fruit, milk, exercising in a warm room

    Less is more!

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